13 October–27 November, 2021
6 Minerva Street

A: So I’ve read somewhere that glass is actually neither in a liquid nor a solid state. It’s somewhere in between and the particles keep moving but just so slowly that you can’t see it.

B: Uh-huh.

A: Solids are highly organized states but glass can act like a solid state while being very disorganised.

B: Yeah. Have you done anything exciting lately?

A: Do you know the pros and cons of living near wetlands?

B: Can you tell me more about glass? I’m interested in glass.

A: They say glass takes 1 million years to decompose but who will really be around for that long to prove it?

B: Apropos, do we need to go?

A: No! What are you having?

B: Not sure. It all sounds good.

Gina Fischli (b. 1989, Zürich, Switzerland) studied at the Royal Academy of Art, London (2018) and the University of Fine Arts Hamburg, Germany (2015). Solo exhibitions include: Love After Lock-up at Sandy Brown, Berlin, Germany (2021); Good Girl at Neuer Essener Kunstverein, Essen, Germany (2020); Gina Fischli at 303 Gallery, New York, USA (2020); Interior Living at SUNDY, London, UK (2018); Molto Suggestivo at DELF, Vienna, Austria (2017) and London Today at Forde, Geneva, Switzerland (2016). Group exhibitions include: Striving After Wind, Chapter, New York, USA (2021); Winterfest, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO, USA (2020); Winter Solstice, suns works, Zürich, Switzerland (2020); Grand Miniature, Sentiment, Zürich, Switzerland (2020); Geneva Biennale: Sculpture Park, Parc des Eaus-Vives, Geneva, Switzerland (2020); Love Sign, Galerie Noah Klink, Berlin, Germany (2020); A house is not a home at Fri Art, Fribourg, Switzerland (2019); ON SITE at Swiss Institute, New York, USA (2019); NEW RUINS at Soft Opening, London, UK (2019); Way Out at Jenny’s, London, UK (2018); and Christie at ZAK’s, New York, USA (2017). In 2018 she published Bad Timing (Hacienda Books, Zürich). Fischli lives and works in Zürich.


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