7 April–20 May, 2023
6 Minerva Street

Chris Lloyd’s I against I is a personal memento scripting past and future self. Using watercolor and canvas, the artist’s autobiographical landscape portrays self-expansion and self-annihilation. Strengths and weaknesses. Resistance and flow. Impulse and intention. Divine opportunity and withheld chances.

Somewhere in our dynamic limitlessness lies a psychotic dichotomy of chaos and control.

Know yourself, I say. Go fuck yourself, I respond.

What is the supernatural force that so badly wants to coconspire against the self’s free will?

It is all I.

Only in the settled dust of memory can I accept my identity as Monster Sublime.

— Vivien Lee

Chris Lloyd (b. 1994, Albuquerque, New Mexico) is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Past solo and two-person exhibitions include And the candles burned low, deep into the night at Domicle, Tokyo (2022), In Solitude Until The End of Time at Entrance, New York (2022) and Two Birds, One Stone at Gern En Regalia, New York (2020). Recent group shows include On Failure at Soft Opening, London (2023); At the Center Of My Ironic Faith at Cassandra Cassandra, Toronto (2021); Everyday Secrets at Luce Gallery, Torino (2021) and The Swamp Show at Mundus Press, Northern Massachusetts (2021).